Ashamed to State

A Fifth of Voters Now Registered "Sick of Both Parties"

OK, there are six parties, but you know what we mean! 042810

Secretary of State Debra Bowen reports that a fifth of all voters are now registered "decline to state."  That's more than ever before.

That is the choice given. We’d like to suggest a few more:

Ashamed to state

Decline the state

Disgusted with the state

State of Denial

Plausible Deniability by not stating

In the old Soviet Union, a confederation I find myself thinking of more these days, there was one political party and everyone  voted that party. America is twice as good, we have two parties.

We know there are actually not two, but six parties: American Independent Party, Democratic Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, Peace and Freedom Party, and Republican Party. However, Decline to State is a considerable group at nearly 400,000 voters. The other parties may decide whether to let DTS party non-members vote in their primaries. Both the Dems, who have actually grown in membership, and the Republicans, who have declined, will let DTS voters vote in their primaries this year.

Increasingly, "decline to state" has become a third party, one that dances between the two major parties, attending their meetings. If "open primaries" are approved by the voters, membership in the major parties might wane further. Prop 14, the "top two candidate" proposition, could change that this year; more information is HERE.

Let’s all "decline to state" a party, maybe new markets would open up, and new ideas might flow. Isn’t capitalism about competition?

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