Artistic Being Sierraville

posted 3/28/10
Artistic Being!!!

Friday, March 26th Sierraville was host to a great musical concert.

Idris Ackamoor and Frederick Harris appeared at the Sierraville School and presented some fantastic music. The crowd of over 80 people enjoyed classical piano, jazz, world beat, fusion and even some tap dancing.

The concert was a cooperative effort between the Yuba Theater, the California Arts Council, the Department of Justice, and several active county residents including but not limited to B.J. Jordan, the McKechnies, Susie Shaunessy, and Cracker Eshleman.

The music included some unusual and wonderful instruments from all over the world, including exotic places such as Africa, Jamaica and Haight Ashbury.

Frederick Harris played a dazzling keyboard, and sublime drums. He provided the beat and the melody for the performance.

Idris Ackamoor was literally a dazzling personage as he presented in a suit that sparkled with each movement. He played a variety of instruments including bells, Egyptian harp, an mbira, a reed flute of his own making, bells, gongs, rain sticks, and a simple zither, but most of all he played a scorching sax, wailing and moaning and weeping and soaring.

After the performance, which passed much too swiftly, Idris and Frederick met the crowd, answering questions, and spent time talking about the various instruments. Both performers have considerable stage time, with Idris Ackamoor going back more than 35 years.

You can read more about Idris Ackamoor at his site, here.

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