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Another Casualty in the Land of the Free: The Birthday Suit 072711


Here is a link to another story of a family who took photos of their children in the bath, and it cost them $75,000 and the best part of a year to get their lives back in order.


The family, the Demarees, took 144 digital photos to WalMart to have them printed.  Eight of the 144 showed the Demarees’ children, nude. 


The photos upset the person processing the photos, who turned them over to cops.  Naturally, once the wheels of “justice” in America start turning, nothing from the real world can stop the juggernaut of cops, lawyers and social workers.


Because the Demarees saw their children as natural and innocent it didn’t occur to them what filthy minds those who protect children have.  They took the photos for family memories, not to be ogled by WalMart supervisors, cops, and DA attorneys. 


Contrast this with perfectly legal child beauty pageants and young teens selling clothes, where sexuality is explicit.  Yet, under the California penal code, it is the purpose of arousal which determines whether a crime has been committed against a child, though “pornography” has its own definition. 


The Demarees had to attend counseling to prove they weren’t “perverts” though clearly the perverts here are the cops, social workers and especially the grunt at WalMart who couldn’t simply put her Puritanical inhibitions in the closet and do her job. 


Further, the entire situation didn’t protect any children, it traumatized them, tearing them from their family for a month, considerably reducing their standard of living for attorney fees and foster care costs. 


Further, now life has changed for the Demarees.  They now know their home is not their castle, it’s a building the state can enter when it wishes.  Their family is not secure, their children can be snatched, their belongings taken on the word of an underpaid worker at WalMart.


Further, they’ve learned that their children are a liability, that the state can turn them into evidence against them without their cooperation or consent.


Like all the excesses we suffer at the hands of government now, this corruption of innocence, this ritualized “Inquisition” style torment of parents, it all comes about because of “experts” who make their living “protecting children” and legislators who love to take “get tough” stances instead of dealing with the real problems of government.  They can see filth where there is none, and are oblivious to the obscene treatment they inflict on people, parents and children. 


In a free country, people aren’t constrained by the freaks with the lowest comfort threshold.  In the real world, everybody is naked under their clothes, even little kids.  Everyone has one of two available styles of genitalia (pretty much).  Families can enjoy personal moments without sexuality.  But, that’s the real world, and not the Land of the Free and the Home of the M-Fin’ Brave.


Our advice, and we’ve given it before, learn now what the Demarees learned the hard way: we live in a police state, where bureaucrats make a living from your private life.   Your legislators will not protect you, your belief in a free society will not protect you, simply being innocent absolutely will not protect you. 


Don’t take photos of your kids, and for goodness sake don’t email them to your in-laws or send them to friends or put them on facebook.  If a few of them upset someone and the cops agree, you’re guilty of distribution of pornography, too.  No bikinis, no underwear, and absolutely no nudity, no matter how innocent and sweet you think it is; no naked kids on bear skin rugs.


The Prospect has a policy of not publishing children’s photos, except those at official events like the SC Board meetings, though the Dissenting Editor insists on publishing kids doing cool stuff in Downieville and Sierra City. Even those, our staff review for any taint of premature sexuality, a look, a gesture.  Further, what if a kid is in foster care and our photos somehow reveal that, even if we don’t know it? 


Sorry, Free and Brave, but children are liabilities, like pit bulls or underground fuel tanks or worn extension cords under the carpet.  Avoid them if you can, and if you can’t avoid them, for God’s sake keep them covered up.


Good Luck!

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