AB 1881


Ab 1881 Landscape Law

"In California’s warm, dry climate, more than half of urban water supplies may be used for landscape irrigation. Ensuring efficient landscapes in new development and eliminating water waste in existing landscapes are among the most cost-effective ways to stretch our limited water supplies…"

The County is about to bless some landscape laws sent down from the state, see HERE:

The laws make great sense in LA. In Sierra County, it’s just more beef by-product.

There are a number of things wrong with the ordinance, the worst are the costs to the county, the "water purveyor" and the home or building owner. The water purveyor is anyone who sells plumbed in water to anyone.

As usual, laws which should apply to people in the urban south are being forced on us, even though, down the road, it is our water they’ll be spreading on their lush lawns. Why should we scrimp?

The rules would apply to new or refurbished landscape of 2500 square feet or more. That’s a lawn about 50x50 feet. If a project requires a permit, and if there is landscaping, the ordinance kicks in.

We called one Simon Eching, California Department of Water Resources, to ask him what would happen if the county simply ignored the new regulations. He didn’t reply, but we can assume that the state would supercede the county on such matters. Would the state come in and do the work and charge the county? Would they just ignore us? No one knows. Maybe Simon didn’t know.

The County has to enact the codes, and so they will, and once enacted, they’ll have to be enforced. Every project with more than 50 by 50 landscaping will have to employ a landscape architect and other non-essential personnel, costing more and taking longer.

There is very little the county can do. We’ll report more when more is available.

The Sacramento State Capitol Grounds, from HERE

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