18th or 19th YPCC off

Hide Yer Pets, the Chili Cookoff is Coming 022912


The next Annual Yuba Pass Chili Cookoff is happening this Saturday, March 3 obviously at the pass.  No one knows for sure how many there have been so far; someone carelessly left Don Russell in charge of the information, and, being the editor of the Mountain Messenger Newspaper, Russell treats hard information badly.  Best guess is 17-19th.

Because of the cookoff, people are advised to keep pets, small livestock- essentially anything made of meat that can fit in a chili pot, locked up and close at hand.  For more delectable pets it’s a good idea to use a metal tag on the animal, so at least there’ll be something to find at the bottom of the pot.  Veteran chili chefs know to save money on ingredients so they’ll have more to bribe the judges with; as result, “lost” pets are in demand.   There are no rules for the cook off; the food doesn’t have to be chili and it doesn’t even have to be edible, and it can still win, and maybe should. 


Indeed, the event could be called the “Yuba Pass Chili Judge Buy Off.”  Food, drink, cold hard cash all work for to bribe the judge.  There are rumors of cooks who have offered sexual favors for a vote; unfortunately we’ve never been able to get anyone with that kind of dedication on the Prospect team. 


Get there early; the judging is supposed to be about noon, but the judges are usually three sheets to the wind by noon, and the chili is often gone. 


Don’t worry about the weather, the heat of the chili, gas off the crowd and general sense of warm community typically keeps the worst weather at bay. 


Grab your heartburn meds and meet at the pass!

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